About Us


“Connecting people, places and things accessing opportunities worldwide”


“We believe in fostering unique experiences and interpersonal relationships


Our community network and marketspace online and offline platforms Pellea, Pellea Travel, and others are comprised of a dynamic website “pellea.com” of sub-websites “travel.pellea.com” as well as “others”. The primary website “pellea.com” connects members (“customers” or “clients”), vendors (“merchants”), and affiliates (“associates”). They get access to opportunities to receive rewards for engagements or redeem rewards for products and/or services. They also get access to opportunities to pay or be paid for products and/or services offered or acquired (“trades”). They additionally get access to opportunities to obtain credits for acceptable referrals or and claim credits for products and/or services.
Sign-up for free, become a member and start getting rewards and paying for product and/or services offered by vendors.  Once you become a member of Pellea you will have access to a variety of relevant free features and benefits focused on members’ wants and needs. Becoming a member means that you are a customer or client of Pellea.  The more you participate as a member at Pellea the more you can get for less while growing the number of your experiences.
You can also sign-up for free, become a vendor and start being paid for products and/or services acquired by members.  Once you become a vendor with Pellea you can start or continue to build your brand image and increase your profile in this emerging market.  This says a number of positive things about you.  The key positive is it demonstrates that you take all members seriously and care about members’ wants and needs. Becoming a vendor means that you are a merchant of Pellea. The more you participate as a vendor at Pellea the more you can learn how to earn.
Are there any financial investments required?
There’s no initial financial investment required and you pay nothing to become a vendor.
Guaranteed to target members
We can guarantee that only Pellea members access vendors’ products and/or services.  All member have to do is provide us with valid IDs, which will be linked to and stored with a unique serial number in the Pellea database.  Pellea can provide vendors with online card validation if requested.
Let’s establish win-win marketing and sales solutions locally, nationally and internationally in an efficient, cost-effective and coherent way.
Also, sign-up for free, become an affiliate and start getting credit for referrals given of others.   Once you become an affiliate with Pellea you can start or continue to promote our brand image and increase our profile in this niche market. Becoming an affiliate means that you are an associate of Pellea. The more you participate as an affiliate at Pellea the more you can make and spend in the end.
All we require is you and your participation!  Any person aged 18 years and over with proof of identity can join Pellea.  The following documents that identify you and prove your age in order of preference may be requested offline:
·       Passport
·       Government Issued ID (health card or drivers license)
·       An official identity card issued by the official authorities
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